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About Heather

I have multiple certifications and years of training in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Yoga, Massage and Meditation.  My background has given me a deep level of knowledge and understanding of the body, mind and spirit.

My practice is designed for one on one attention to your needs. 

There are many ways to integrate these healing techniques to create balance and health.

     I am dedicated to creating a safe, healing space for everyone.

Education and Certifications

CSTCM  Master Graduate Acupuncture 2013

Shambala Meditation - 2 year program 2008

Shambhala meditation is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature can be brought into daily life so that it radiates out to family, friends, community, and society.

I completed the Shambhala warrior training and have received advanced training in the Great Eastern Sun tradition. I am a meditation practitioner and lifelong learner in mindfulness, awareness and training. My passion is to teach the importance a steady meditation practice can bring to one's life.

Yoga Graduation and Jaya Yoga Center 2002

Graduating from Pranayama Yoga & Ayurveda Manadala in 1998. I was taught by my master teacher in Contemplative Hatha Yoga rooted deeply in philosophy (yoga sutras), pranayama (breath work), and Kripalu style asana (postures) and Ayurvedic training. I successfully owned & operated a beautiful community yoga center. Jaya Yoga Center from 2002-2007. 

MTIC Message Therapy Graduate  1998

I earned my 1050 hour massage certification from Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, graduating with honors. The training encompassed Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexotherapy, Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) and Aromatherapy. This was the foundation and starting point in my 25 year career of helping clients live more fully.

NCCAOM Certified

National Board-Certified Acupuncturist™ means receiving excellent care from a professional and qualified practitioner. The NCCAOM is responsible for the development and administration of the Acupuncture , Chinese Herbology , and Oriental Medicine Certification Programs

Kavod Senior lIving

I taught and developed a yoga program for the staff and residence for over 20 years. Teaching up to 4 classes a week, building relationships and interchanging wisdom from one another. The senior program has always held a special place in my heart.

Balancing Rocks

Heather's Philosophy

My philosophy of healing comes from many years of working with individuals, couples and families.  My goal is to help clients balance their lives through a variety of healing techniques. 

These healing techniques integrate the Five Natural Elements of Chinese Medicine with deep tissue or gentle massage, energy work such as Reiki, meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. 

Each treatment is based on your individual needs and personal constitutions. Recommendations are made including: seasonal foods, therapeutic yoga postures, Ayurvedic and meditation practices and other healing techniques. to help you on your healing path.

Book an appointment for an Initial Consultation to start your journey to healing your body and spirit.

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